Reformed Academy

Reformed Academy is a platform for theological education designed to facilitate structured learning for Christians in between Lord’s Days. We are collecting and organizing our theological resources into course modules or structured collections of media that will better assist people in growing in their knowledge of the Bible and its teachings.

Reformed Audio

Reformed Audio would serve as a sermon (and possibly podcast) directory. At some point, it could serve as an audio hosting service. Yet even as a directory, users of the site could browse sermons, search by person, Scripture reference, and topic. They would also be able to create customized podcast feeds using any of the searchable criteria.

The νοῦς

This is a working codename for a content engine or common “brain” for many of our systems. The word νοῦς is Koine Greek for “mind.” We envision an application that allows us to structure all of Reformed Forum’s resources as well as trusted resources from around the web. In a way, this would be the brain behind a next-generation hybrid between and

Media Plugin for WordPress

We developed a basic WordPress plugin that allows us to publish resources in our media library through WordPress as a podcast. This could be developed further into a plugin for wider use. For example, churches could use it to podcast sermons that are organized on Reformed Audio. Other people could curate a podcast of their favorite lessons on Reformed Academy.