We build systems and tools
for Reformed Christians.

Serving the Church in a connected world.
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Make a difference with your technical skills.

At Reformed.tech you can join with other architects, developers, and designers to use your technical skills to assist the Church directly. We build systems and tools to aid Christians in research, education, and communication.
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Biblical-theological resources made accessible to all.

We are seeking to curate the best Reformed resources in the world and make them accessible to everyone. We strive to create a thriving digital community and suite of tools to assist in book recommendations, theological conversation, distance learning, and following current trends and debates. Whether you are new to the faith or writing a scholarly book on the finer points of Trinitarian theology, the Reformed.tech community is laboring for you.
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Find a project that’s right for you.

Whether you are a database administrator, UI/UX designer, developer, QA tester, or technical visionary, we need you to help us accomplish our mission. See our list of projects and positions to find a way to serve.
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Become a steward of a promising future.

We’re not only seeking to provide systems and tools for the future, we are also actively seeking to shape that future. By God’s common grace, this world is blessed with many astounding and powerful technologies. We aim to be thoughtful yet bold stewards of the gifts and opportunities the Lord has given.
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